Carbon Advanced Growers South Australia

This group is for any producer that wishes to grow soil carbon.

For every tonne of soil carbon built;

– Up to 30tonnes of water can be retained in the soil
– About 15kg/ha of P retained
– Can increase our agricultural productivity by 30pc
– Can pay you $10/hectare as a rebate from Federal Government due to the climate change reversal benefit.

You can also receive more incentives and benefits from other private initiatives.

Utilise financial incentives to build soil carbon
Farms are seeing soil carbon levels rise from a baseline of 1 to 2 percent up to 5 to 8 percent over ten or more years, which can add up to 10-30 tons of carbon per hectare. Every 1pc of carbon increase adds about 4.2 tonnes of carbon/hectare to your soil.
The federal government are guaranteeing $10 a carbon credit with one credit given for every tonne of CO2 sequestered here.
Hence if you build your carbon by 3pc = 12.6tonns/ha x $10 = $126/ha .
There are policies, procedures and timelines involved.

There are additional opportunities for rebates back from soil carbon including crowd funded and investor driven programs such as:

 Project Drawdown

How to build your soil carbon
– Maintain year-round living cover
– Promote plant and root diversity
– Improve soil fertility via biological fertilisers or minimised, measured controlled subscription chemical fertilisers
– Biodiverse animal grazing and strategic grazing pressure
– Provide support for a microbial bridge via:
Minimising soil disturbance
Encouraging fungal growth via organic residues, mulch, composts biochar
– Retain stubble
– Grazing rest periods and rotational/biodiverse grazing
– Cellulose and lignin provide barriers to living and dying roots
– Feed animals’ biochar as there is potential to increase their feed conversion, health and weight gain. The dung is then laden with biochar.
1 cow can do 10-12 dungs a day covering 1 square meter, 50 cows = 50 square meters = 1.8 ha/yr
50 cows can produce 365 tonnes of biochar laden dung which can be buried across 1.8ha/yr
Biochar is up to 90pc carbon

This is a new and rapidly growing group. We provide one on one consultancy on how to build carbon, carbon baselining and application for rebates for building carbon. We also conduct trials, workshops, projects and extension on how to build soil carbon.