Biochar Research

Biochar Dung Beetle Trial The project established that one animal does 8 to 12 dungs in a day covering 1 square meter and equivalent to a wet weight of around 20kg.  Each plot roughly represented the manure of for one day only however was placed across the plots over 9 months with 9 dungs weighing … More Biochar Research

Soil Health Projects

Biochar Trial We conducted a Biochar Trial under non irrigated pasture. With 100kg and 200kg of biochar with 100kg and 200kg of Single Super. The full report can be found Here Summary Overall the biochar had a positive effect on both the plant biomass and minerals in the soil, with a statistical difference detected in the … More Soil Health Projects

Books & Publications

For a copy of any books, publications reports or pending reports, please leave your name and details and name of article or book required.  A copy will be forwarded. Peer reviewed Taherymoosavi, S. Chen, G; O’Sullivan,M  Rebbeck, M, Munroe, P, Joseph, S. (2020) A farm trial to investigate the cascading effect of feeding biochar to livestock … More Books & Publications

Frost Management Grains

Climate & Agricultural Support Sub Contracts to the Grains Research Development Corporation to support grain growers across Australia to manage frost. Frost management should be integrated and include pre paddock preparation, consideration of variety choice and crop choice, and rapid identification and decision making. The GRDC now have a pre-season, in-season, and post frost program … More Frost Management Grains

Fleurieu Farming Systems Incorporated

Climate & Agricultural Support Pty Ltd, supports the development of projects within the Fleurieu Farming Systems Incorporated (FFS). The group formed out of a need to improve the farming systems via  research and extension in the region. The group aims to establish and support the improvement of profitability and sustainability of farming in the region.  Climate & Agricultural Support … More Fleurieu Farming Systems Incorporated

Meeting Market Specifications MLA – More Beef from Pastures

We support Meat and Livestock Australia and conduct More Beef From Pastures field days. Recently we conducted a Meeting Market Specifications Day.  It was a huge success, with many local and state beef producers looking to improve their profitability by implementing new marketing strategies.  Jake Phillips from Teys Australia and Steve Radeski State Agribusiness Manager ANZ … More Meeting Market Specifications MLA – More Beef from Pastures

Customised Climate Variability/Change Presentations

We can prepare a customised presentation covering local climate trends and variability,  climate change projections, impacts, adaptation, management and even mitigation. Presentations can be for a local farm group, agronomy group, region, state, country and more. Click the link for an example of a presentation. Climate presentation for the Barossa Improved Grazing Group Click here  for some … More Customised Climate Variability/Change Presentations