Grape Marc Feed Supplement

Feed for Sheep & Cattle

Grape marc is a by-product from crushing wine grapes.  It contains the crushed skins, seeds, stems, some leaf and stalks of grapes.  In S.A. Tarac technologies process over 200,000 tonnes/year from the Barossa and Claire Valley regions. It is also available raw from many wineries in S.A.

Feeding rates & tests

Many farmers have used grape marc as an addition to their normal maintenance feeding program over the feed gap period, while others have used grape marc with a total mixed ration for production.

Eight case studies have tested grape marc as maintenance or production feed as part of an Australian Government Action on the Ground project “Livestock and pasture case studies to demonstrate greenhouse gas abatement” (AOTGR1- 0039).

A fact sheet was produced with some tips on how to feed and test grape marc as well as some results.  Click here for a copy:  GRAPE MARC

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